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Jump the Wake
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Transformation for your
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Get these noteworthy earrings.

Our Approach
Facilitates healing with the help of an 
ever-growing quiver of tested tools!

We draw from positive psychology, complementary and traditional medicines; cultural traditions from around the world; quantum physics, and the application of science-based research. 


Traditional Wisdom

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Modern Science

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 About Us

It all started 40 years ago; two, young girls on a little dingy, jumping the wake left by the Nantucket Ferry.  Since then, we have been pulled towards and away from each other through various adventures, traumas, and challenges, but somehow always found ourselves back in the same metaphorical waters.  All these decades later, supported by powerful experiences and universal axioms, we have each awakened to a shared understanding, a powerful truth. 

This understanding is transformative and the birthright of each and every one of us.  As you wake up to this universal truth you will unfold into who you are meant to be, transforming yourself, your community and, ultimately, your world.  Let us support, guide and  jump start your own transformation as you awaken to the true power of you.

The Jump the Wake Mission
  • To educate and empower individuals to reclaim health in 4 dimensions of their lives.

  • To establish a community of kindred spirits to support and encourage one another in their healing/growth and transformation journeys

  • To serve the collective whole by facilitating growth, healing and learning that will allow individuals to thrive and contribute more meaningfully to our world.

  • To make spirituality and healing playful, positive, and possible by sharing the tools and wisdom of ancient and modern teachers alike in an accessible, understandable and experiential manner 
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