Welcome to Jump the Wake! 
Where we see whole health as essential and possible for every individual.
We’ve found that when we’re happy and balanced, our wholeness transforms everything around us.

We are the ripple  that 
affects everything we touch. 


The 4 pillars of transformation

Jump the Wake is here to help people find wholeness through deep healing and growth.  We believe that when we overcome the conditioning and injuries of our past we can contribute our gifts to the world in a way that is joyful, effortless and aligned with our highest values.
We help people experience this through an 
integrative, holistic, and tailored approach 
that addresses the areas that we see as the 4 pillars of authentic transformation.

What kind of ripples would you like to make?


→ Maybe you’ve found tons of success in your life…but there’s still something missing?

→ Maybe you feel restless? Unfulfilled? Numb? 

→ Maybe your life is working perfectly according to external standards, but it still feels like a struggle to get up in the morning? 

Is this all there is? 

Our approach...
Facilitates healing with the help of an 
ever-growing quiver of tested tools!

We draw from positive psychology, complementary and traditional medicines; cultural traditions from around the world; quantum physics, and the application of science-based research. 

  • To educate and empower individuals to reclaim health in 4 dimensions of their lives.
  • To establish a community of kindred spirits to support and encourage one another in their healing/growth and transformation journeys
  • To serve the collective whole by (facilitating growth/healing and learning that will allow) individuals to thrive and contribute more meaningfully to our world.
  • To make spirituality and healing playful, positive, and possible by sharing the tools and wisdom of ancient and modern teachers alike in an accessible, understandable and experiential manner 
Jump the Wake delivers a unique set of 
services to facilitate whole health

We provide both virtual and in person services offering web based content and resources, 
online, asynchronous courses, 1:1 consultations,  live workshops, and destination retreats.

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